the lens


Together with Julia Böhm, Andreas Rippl, Can Denzer and Sarah Fröwis, I produced a documentary about the refugee crisis hitting Europe in 2015. This project has been recorded between mid 2017 and end of 2018.


This is a documentary about the modelling industry, produced in 2017. We followed four different models in their everyday life in London. Our team consisted of four people: Julia Böhm, Agnes Klaus, Julian Meninger and I.


Together with Andreas Rippl, I produced an Image Film for LINIERT – an Austrian fashion company with stores in Vienna and Barcelona. For some projects I work behind and in front of the camera, which I love. It was very important for the client to portrait their work from the beginning until to the final fashionshow and to show their customers how much heart they put in every piece of their clothing.


Together with Rafael Schlager and Andres Rippl, I made a video to raise awareness about child abuse and the fact that no kid should have to go through such a thing. It won 1st place in a video competition from the Austrian government.